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Insipio AB
Halda Utvecklingscentrum
Öjavadsvägen 2
376 36 Svängsta

Phone: +46 (0) 721 72 56 98
Phone: +46 (0) 708 36 89 66
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Welcome to Insipio's Internet Services

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Let your site speak for itself

Insipio is a company that provides server-based services in the area of increased information accessibility of electronically stored information, particularly for Internet and mobile solutions.

Insipios greatest assets is the knowledge and understanding in the area of reading disability and dyslexia together with high technical skills.

Insipio now also confirms its position as the company that delivers the best and most user-friendly services when we now have launched SpeakIT with highlighting features. The user can easily follow the text when it's read without being forced to download and install any software or use any other plug-ins. By using SpeakIT's unique functions the user can also listen to a piece of text or a paragraph without highlighting it.

Insipio's aim is to always offer the best and most innovative products for end users to the most competitive price. With Insipio we continuously strive to ensure our customers and end users' needs and adapt our services to offer the best in the market for increased accessibility. We are always in the forefront of developing services to improve the accessibility of electronic text.

SpeakIT Plus

SpeakIT PLUS is a service that makes it possible for all councils, agencies, organizations and businesses who have web sites to increase accessibility to their information. With SpeakIT PLUS, text shown on the screen is read out loud by a synthesized voice.


SpeakIT Standard

Also SpeakIT Standard makes it possible for all sites to increase accessibility to the information by synthetic speech. Different from the Plus-version SpeakIT Standard embeds a media player in the pages and has no toolbar panel.


SpeakIT Online

SpeakIT Online is a server based service that converts text into synthetic speech. The service is intended for those who want to give the end-users the possibility to listen to the text in their programs and applications, such as web applications, online learning applications and e-books etc.


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TextIT is a unique service where the user can have any text read directly on their computer using synthesized speech. TextIT also has English and Swedish spell checker and Swedish glossary. It replaces several products as opposed to having locally installed software.